Nyan Reporter

Nyan Reporter

A rainbow full of joy reporter:

Nyan Reporter

See it in action: Nyan Reporter Demo

1. Installation

You can simply install it from the command-line

dotnet add package Xenial.Tasty.Reporters.Nyan

or do it by hand via the csproj

    <PackageReference Include="Xenial.Tasty.Reporters.Nyan" Version="x.x.x" />

2. Configuration

You can disable and enable the reporter via a MSBuild property in the csproj


3. Manual usage

If you are in a more advanced scenario, you can manually add a nyan reporter to a scope:

Import the namespace:

using Xenial.Delicious.Reporters;



Local plugin:

TastyScope scope;

Only reporter:

TastyScope scope;

4. Api

You can look into the Api and the Sources

5. Congratulations

You learned about the tasty rainbow screaming nyan cat reporters!