Tasty Plugins

Because almost everything is based on plugins, Tasty is very open and flexible from the ground up. You can use a lot of built in plugins or create your own.

Anatomy of a plugin

A plugin is basically a nuget package that gets introduced into your executing test executable. Plugins are registered by being compiled into your executable by using a pre-compile step, that injects a TastyPluginAttribute into your assembly. This indicates the default scope of tasty to load plugins on startup. If you have a more complex setup, you can use several static and/or extension methods to register the plugins into a scope.

This helps avoid assembly scanning on the startup and it is very fast. It also puts you into control.

You can control which plugin you import via MSBuild properties with a simple scheme. Some of them have more options, but most follow a simple <UseTasty*>true</UseTasty*> pattern.

In the future it will be possible to enable and disable plugins via environment variables as well.

Available plugins

Here are the available plugins by category:



You learned about delicious plugins! Let's look into how to create your own tasty plugins!