Console Reporter

Console Reporter

A very basic console reporter:

Console Reporter

See it in action: Console Reporter Demo

1. Installation

You can simply install it from the command-line

dotnet add package Xenial.Tasty.Reporters.Console

or do it by hand via the csproj

    <PackageReference Include="Xenial.Tasty.Reporters.Console" Version="x.x.x" />

2. Configuration

You can disable and enable the reporter via a MSBuild property in the csproj


3. Color schemes

You can intercept and change color schemes:

ConsoleReporter.Scheme = new ColorScheme
    ErrorIcon = "🤬",
    ErrorColor = ConsoleColor.Magenta,
    SuccessIcon = "🥰",
    SuccessColor = ConsoleColor.White

4. Manual usage

If you are in a more advanced scenario, you can manually add a console reporter to a scope:

Import the namespace:

using Xenial.Delicious.Reporters;



Local plugin:

TastyScope scope;

Only reporter:

TastyScope scope;

5. Api

You can look into the Api and the Sources

6. Congratulations

You learned about delicious console reporters! Let's look into how to use the power of nyan cat if you want more rainbows.